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Beach-washed Treasures - Shark Eggs

What looks like a mini seaweed purse but is more exciting? It’s likely to be an egg case that has washed ashore from certain sharks, or from skates and chimaera, after the young has hatched, much like this one last week. There are a few…

Sensational Salps

Sometimes we encounter lovely transparent glinting elements washed up on the shore. At times these sparkling forms will be a fabulous creature known as a Salp. Salps are semi-transparent, barrel-shaped, gelatinous-type creatures. Whilst they…

Sea Hare

Today's post features the Sea Hare of the class of Gastropoda and shows the sea hare Aplysia parvula. I took these photographs in 2014 and 2015, with also seeing many at the end of 2019, at ERMS. I have had some of my favourite times observing…

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We are about protecting and preserving the indigenous flora & fauna and natural features of Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary. We aim to increase understanding about the role and values of the Sanctuary, fostering community involvement and enjoyment through in field- experiences and knowledge sharing…

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