Marine Mondays

Waratah Anemone (Actinia tenebrosa)

Welcome to Marine Mondays. ?? Today's post features the Waratah Anemone (Actinia tenebrosa) The Waratah Anemone is from the Phylum of Cnidaraians. It is endemic to rocky shores and is part of a community of many different anemones…

A jelly encounter- Jelly Blubber (Catostylus mosaicus)

?? Following on in the steps of Fossil Friday and Wildlife Wednesday is Marine Monday, where I’ll share marine related finds from along our beautiful coastline. Hidden mainly from view, below the surface of the sea, in the rock pools, under…

Maori Octopus

Welcome to Marine Mondays. Today's post features the Maori Octopus (Octopus maorum) of the Cephalopod class.