The Great Victorian Fish Count is on again this year!

This is a snorkelling event at Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary and it’s only open to strong swimmers with previous snorkelling experience.  It’s heaps of fun and you’ll see fish, colourful plants and maybe a variety of rays and bottom dwelling friendly Port Jackson sharks, but Eagle Rock is an exposed area on a high energy coast line.  We aim for good conditions, but you will normally have to enter off rocks through a small break zone into deep water, so it’s not an activity for little kids. Partcipants must be 13+ years, and ocean confident.

To get suitable conditions we aften have to reschedule, but our first target date is;

Wednesday November 20 @ 11am

Please Register your intension to attend via Park Connect at

Please note you’ll also need to fill out a medical self assessment form prior to or on the day to particiapate.

Find below a copy of the form for reference.  We are working on adding a downloadable version here, but either way, we will have the form available on the day for completion.


GVFC Report

We managed to undertake the GVFC at Eagle Rock MS on Wednesday November 20.

Unfortunately what looked like the perfect day on the forecast turned out to be a bit breezy from the east resulting in a bit of chop and limited visibility. A total of 8 snorkelers took to the water and everyone had a great time anyway. The results this year show about a third of the species recorded compared to other years, a direct result of the visibility, I am sure the fish are still there!