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28 Nov


Rockpool Rambling Safety Guide

November 28, 2013 | By |

Rockpool Rambling – Safety for the organisms.

If rocks are turned over they must be replaced gently and safely, back into the same position. Creatures rely on rocks for shelter from the elements and predators.  Plants may require the micro climate created on the underside of a rock to be viable.

Creatures should be held and viewed in a container with water if picked up from rock pools. It may be appropriate to hold creatures under water using cupped hands for viewing, low to the ground.

All creatures must be placed back in the same place they were found after a quick viewing.  Creatures often live in family groups, e.g. crabs, or will have sought out that particular spot for shelter, predator protection, or food access.

Participants are able to gently touch some creatures whilst in the container (ensure you have washed your hands of excess sunscreen). E.g. sea stars, sea snails, chitons.

Please avoid trampling of any plants or animals as much as possible.

Rockpool Rambling – Safety for the participants.

Appropriate footwear must be worn by participants, when walking on the rock platforms. Old runners, secure sandals and wetsuit booties are good. Bare feet and thongs are not acceptable.

Dress in sun-protective clothing including hats and sunscreen, and warm layers and rainwear on colder days.

Don’t run on the rock platforms as the plants, animals and rocks may be sharp and slippery.

Be aware of the potential risk of moving too close to the seaward edge of a rock platform. If you find a wave coming around you on the platform, remain stationary, brace yourself, lowering your centre of gravity, then move in shore once the wave has passed.

Mind your hands and avoid cuts or scrapes overturning and replacing rocks.

Be aware of the presence of the blue- ringed octopus never place your hands where you can’t see your fingers or other hand parts, whilst on the rock platform.

Be aware that other local marine creatures may cause harm. This includes anemone species (only the waratah anemone should be touched by participants, and only once on the tentacles), sea urchins (spines may cause puncture wounds) and cone shell (only small species are found in southern waters, but cone shells are capable of stinging).

30 Sep


Dates to Remember

September 30, 2013 | By |

Wild Winter Discovery Walk

11.30am -1.30pm Sunday July 28, 2019: Meets Step Beach Carpark. More information contact Nicole at

Explore and discover…chitons, sea stars, elephant snails, crabs, bryozoans, colonial ascidians, anemones, carnivorous snails, edible algae and much more.
Discover some of our more remarkable sea creatures and plants during our Wild Winter Discovery Walk- a combined beachcomber – rockpool ramble in your marine sanctuary.
Great hands-on event for all ages.

Please wear sturdy shoes (no thongs or gumboots) and bring a drink, snack, hat and sense of adventure.


  • Contact us through to get on our snorkel alert list.  You’ll normally only get less than 24 hrs notice, because of unpredictable conditions, but when the swell is 1-2 foot and the wind is down – out we go!

02 Aug


Sea Search Edition:Friends of Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary Newsletter

August 2, 2013 | By |

Friends of Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary Website
Jump onto your new website which includes an interactive flight over Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary- a wonderful way to see the reef, a short underwater video – ‘Delve Deeper’ which may tempt you into the water, stunning photos from Friends member Rebecca Hosking and more entries being loaded up all the time.

Read More

28 May


28 May


Rebecca Hosking Dive Photos

May 28, 2013 | By |

FERMS are luckly to have Rebecca Hosking as a member. A renowned local photographer who has already captured many images above and below the water. Rebecca’s images are used throughout our website; FERMS thanks Rebecca for these wonderful shots taken on a recent dive at the sanctuary.

28 May


27 May


FERMS Launch Photo Gallery

May 27, 2013 | By |

02 Apr


02 Apr


Parks Victoria Dive Video

April 2, 2013 | By |

30 Mar


LAUNCHING—Friends of Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary

March 30, 2013 | By |

Take the plunge with your freshest local friends group.
Celebrate all that lies below the high tide line with local students, families, Read More