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Upcoming Events

Evening Rockpool Ramble - Monday 2nd Sept

Join us for an evening rockpool ramble at Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary. This is a special ‘no moon’ event, which means it will be great for using torches and spotlights.

Marine Mondays

Welcome to Marine Mondays.

Amazing Bull Kelp (Durvillaea potatorum)

Anyone looking forward to summer and cooling off with ice cream🍦 may look to algae with thanks 😉 The thick brown, flexible and strong algae we 🏊🏼‍♀️ & 🏄🏼‍♀️ with, the Bull Kelp (Durvillaea potatorum),…

Callorhinchus milli - the extraordinary Elephant Shark

Part fish and part shark, the Callorhinchus milli is unique, being a Chimaera. The Elephant Shark/Fish/Ghost Fish has a skeleton of cartilage like sharks and rays, they have only one gill opening, are minus denticles, and their teeth are…


Adding to the trend of “going nude” at the beach, is one of my favourite creatures, the Nudibranch. As per those at the Whites Beach and the Pt Addis area, “Nudi’s” come in all shapes and sizes; with some being microscopic, far…

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We are about protecting and preserving the indigenous flora & fauna and natural features of Eagle Rock Marine Sanctuary. We aim to increase understanding about the role and values of the Sanctuary, fostering community involvement and enjoyment through in field- experiences and knowledge sharing…

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